Setup Rails 0.14.4

Sometimes it’s interesting to have a look at how things evolved over time. Today I set up a rails 0.14.4 application (discontinued in 2005) to have a look at the feature scope of it. I was surprised how easy that was. The most complicated part was to compile ruby 1.8.7 on my Mac since old ruby versions can’t be compiled with llvm-gcc (keyword: brew install apple-gcc42).

mkdir try_old_rails
cd try_old_rails
rbenv install 1.8.7-p375
rbenv local 1.8.7-p375

Since we have bundler today I’m not going to do all the work by myself but instead create a Gemfile. The contents are:

source ''
ruby '1.8.7'
gem 'rails', '0.14.4'

Then I’m going to install bundler and rails.

gem install bundler
bundle install

The rails application itself has to be created differently than today. Also rails s is not working yet. But everything is already well prepared.

rails ./
ruby script/server

Now you can got to http://localhost:3000 and you should see the follwing.

Rails 0.14.4